Help Wanted! How can your serve?

We need you. If you would like to serve with Mom to Mom, you do not have to be a seasoned mom to help in these areas:

-Hospitality -greeting, leading ladies to nursery, leading them to their tables, checking in (3-4 ladies)
-Newsletter/media -helping with the blog and facebook. (1-2 ladies)

-Prayer and Care (handle special prayer request and meals for mom in our group that may need help due to birth of a new child or sickness in family 1-2 ladies)
-Service projects (reaching into our community with our children) 1-2 ladies

-Play dates and outings (making sure we stay connected outside the church walls) 1-2 ladies

-Table leader (be in charge at your table of getting RSVP for next meetings, childcare registration for each meeting, prayer request and general needs of your table- this is NOT for mentoring) 1 for each table